"Persistent action that an evil spirit exercises over an individual, that goes from a simple moral influence to a complete perturbation of the organism and of mental faculties." - Allan Kardec, The Mediums' Book

Recorded Webinar from:

September 28, 2021
10:00am Central Time

This Webinar is for people who:

  • desire or need to learn about Obsession
  • have the feeling they are experiencing or have experienced an Obsession
  • have a loved one they wish to help
  • have a working knowledge of spiritual themes and are looking to learn more
  • desire to learn about Consciousness and the various manifestations
  • would like additional insight into what is happening in the world
  • 30 minute Q&A with Karleen Love

Karleen Love

Karleen is a Psychic Medium who has dedicated her life to being in service.

She has a Youtube Channel and has been teaching in person and online since 2012. More information is on her website:


StarWalker's HandBook

This Webinar is an invitation to explore the HandBook:

StarWalker's HandBook


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